Wednesday, August 4, 2010


108 miles from Fort Bragg to Bodega Bay campground

Found a wallet on the road yesterday. The owner was going to get a new
passport this afternoon until he got word that it had been found. When
I met him, he told me this and the he was immigrating Costa Rica in 6
weeks. He was thrilled to get his passport back. Felt great to make
someone's day like that.

Made fast friends with my host in Fort Bragg over dinner and saw her
again in the coffee shop in Mendocino. I split from the family trio +
Lee (physics teacher in Berkeley) as we left Mendocino only for one
final showdown in point arena. I said farewell to my friends only to
meet several new ones up the road. Riding along these organized routes
is like a party in motion. There is someone new everyday, it's a
blast. I met a guy named Ryan from Portland who is going to SF for a
coop conference. Dinner St a nice little Indian spot in Jenner
(location of the first Mansen murder-not the restaurant, the town).

Logged 5,000 today.... Woo hoo!

Next day....
Relaxed day. On my 3rd cup of coffee as Ryan and I keep stopping in
all these nice little towns. We had coffee in Bodega Bay which was a
nice little bay town. Now we're in Point Reyes; nice little spot. We
won't see all of Point Reyes because we're on bikes but I hear it's a
great spot to visit. Maybe I'll be back out here with my mom- she'll
be flying into SF tomorrow! I'm ready to see some family. What a treat
to end the trip.

Next day...
Landed in San Fran last night and hit 5,100 miles! Camping around the
bay area seemed a little sketchy plus Ryan had a friend in Oakland who
was willing to put us up; hard to pass up a warm shower.

Yesterday's ride, and all of the coast for that matter was gorgeous.
When we hit Tomales Bay, I told Ryan that I had a required Art History
class in my senior year which required me to not use beautiful,
gorgeous, and pretty to describe art. I found myself using all of
those words and feeling their inadequacy to describe their worth. It
was a natural mobile poetry festival from thence forth. "The golden
grass of the rolling meadows envelope the winding river as they meet
the cliffs edge at the edge of a whole other world: the Pacific Ocean.
The blue hues jump from the ripples atop the bay ..."

Not only is the coastline GORGEOUS, uh huh that's right, but it has
also been some of the most enjoyable riding all trip. Lots of good
climbing and sweeping descents which cut in and out of the coastline
for a roller coaster effect. The last day may have been the best of

I heard my echo thru Ryan's voice. He said he was intrigued when I
claimed to be excited about my future. Well of course I am! I feel
certain snout the direction I am headed. While there is always
uncertainty about the future, this trip has shown me, if nothing else,
that everything always seems to work out so long as I am willing to
put forth the effort. Willingness and effort; simple, not easy.

We had a thrilling descent into Sausalito.
"table for 2?"
"no thanks, I'll just dine with my dog on my lap" Ryan said as we
waited at a stoplight. I glanced over to my right and began sighing
uncontrollably when I was a diva dining with her dog on her lap.

This area is hilly, no joke. We crossed the Golden Gate just after 9
at which time peds are prohibited due to the high amount of suicide
jumps from the bridge. It was so foggy that I couldn't see up, down or
around. We crossed into the city and the rest is history.

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