Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seattle rest day, wha????

45 miles 

We decided when we woke up to spend the day in Seattle. Our warmshowers host, Don, had offered to let us stay another night. Having gotten in so late the night before, we hardly had a chance to visit. Don is quite the cyclist, he probably has more stories to tell than we do. Don, correct me if I'm wrong, has ridden his bike every day this year and everyday last year but 3... ? He has ridden STP (Seattle to Portland annual ride with 10,000 riders) 13 1/2 times, he has ridden Ramrod, participates in randonneuring (long-distance unsopported endurance cycling), and a plethora of other bicycle events.

I stamrted the day with sone bike maintainence. Lubed the chain and gave it some new shifting cable. We went down to Chinatown fir lunch and bought a ridiculous  amount of great authentic Chinese food for very little. Over to the Pike Place market. Fishes were slung and songs were sung. Book store across the street. I haven't read ant books all trip, maybe I'll have the energy now... If not, plane time isn't far off. 'Feminism is for everybody' by bell hooks. I wanted ice cream but my nose brought me to Piroshky Pirosky, a Russisn bakery. I had a delicious paroshki (   pirozhki are baked stuffed buns made from yeast dough and often glazed with egg to produce the common golden colour. They may contain sweet-based fillings such as stewed or fresh fruit (apples, cherries, apricots, chopped lemon, etc), jam, or cottage cheese; a vegetable filling (mashed potatoes, mushrooms, onions and egg, cabbage); meat or fish; an oatmeal filling mixed with meat or giblets). Off to the space needle. We tool some nice photos, dud the tourist thing. No, we didn't pay to go up it. Home at 6 for dinner with Donald and Mimi.

Don had some friends coming into Seattle by train from Tucson that he was riding into town to meet and asked if we wanted to go along. Lee had friend in Seattle that he visited with so I went sling with Donald without him. We Aldo got to meet another of his friends who just happened to be getting off the same train and had just completedva 1200k ride around the Oregon Coast down to Crater Lake. We looped back home on the scenic route and I got to see the troll on Troll Ave (a giant cement troll under the bridge that is eating a VW) and the Seattle skyline at night from the north across from the lake. Wished I hadn't forgotten my camera fir these sights! I have never been a fan if skylines... Always preferred treelines. However, the Seattle skyline is gorgeous. The fact that I have been SO far since seeing a big city might have something to do with that. The last bug city we were in was Omaha and St. Louis before that. There is something about large swarms of people that gives ne a sense of security I guess. 

Ahh, tired. 1:15 am here. Crash time. Either Olympia or Centralia tomorrow.

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  1. I look forward to getting down there in a few weeks. Thanks for posting the helpful info.