Friday, July 30, 2010

Touring 101 cont...

I accidentally dropped the phone into the fire pit and pressed the
send button when I was frantically brushing off the soot. Fortunately,
no damage.

So they haven a theme to their trip, "what is love?" They ask people
they run into along their travels this simple question. After the
trip, they will compile their video responses into a documentary and
mail them out to people they have met. Pretty cool little project. I
look forward to seeing it.

Touring with the trio slowed me doooown; in a good way. We enjoyed a
field of clovers beneath the redwoods and also took a detour to what I
believe is the 2nd biggest tree. It's circumference is 40feet. We even
stopped AT a blackberry patch to some sweet snacking and a produce
stand for blackberry pops!

Touring 101: slow down. I think I only did 58 miles today.... Whoa.
We're camped in the redwoods along The Avenue of the Giants road.
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