Friday, July 30, 2010

Touring 101

Stop and taste the cheese.

I stop at the crossroads. Do I take the detour thru Loleta or stay on
the 101? I heard a while back that the Loleta creamery was better then
Tillamook so cheese became my motivation. While they had some
intriguing cheeses, I had no choice when I saw the cheese curds. I
scurried of with my tasty, squeaks in your mouth cheese to the post
office to mail home a print of Mother Teresa in Calcutta that a my new
friend, Peter, gifted to me in Arcata. Before I could get to the Post
office, I see 3 bikes outside of a cafe. I initially hesitated to
approach. My apprehension was that they might be like some other smug
tourers that seem inconvenienced when they have to tell you where they
going from and to. This trio was a treat to bump into: Morris from
Scottsdale, AZ and his 2 daughters Casee and Dalton.

The questions came without hesitation. What is a book that you have
read that changed your life? A movie? What has been the best part of
your life? The worst? If you could pinpoint one issue in which we
could all come together to fight for or against, what would it be?

Last year, the theme of their bicycle your was "what is passion?" this
year's theme is "what is love?"

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  1. That is pretty cool. I like the themed bike ride. Keep on posting. I'm looking forward to my time down the coast. AK has been amazing!